Ladies, grab your spot before we fill up! Program begins Monday!

Fit & Thick ūüćĎ
LIVE Classes, Meal Guides, Facebook Community, Home/Gym Workouts + More!
Let's build those assets while creating a healthier, happier lifestyle!
I have helped transform over 150+ women both mentally & physically! We want you to be next in creating your journey to success!
Sis it's time to make yourself a PRIORITY again!
What you'll gain in this program:
  • ‚ÄčTools¬†to help BUILD lean muscle
  • ‚ÄčIncreased Energy throughout day!
  • ‚ÄčDecreased Stress levels!
  • ‚ÄčMORE Self-esteem and Confidence!
  • ‚ÄčHealthier eating choices to help lose unwanted fat/gain good weight
  • ‚ÄčWorkouts¬†LIVE from home.¬†
This program will have a primary focus on losing stomach fat and developing your womanly assets. Your personal journey will look different from that of other ladies where as you may want to lose weight while another wishes to gain and tone, nonetheless Coach Moni will work with you to help you move to the next level.
As featured by:
Hi, My name is LaMonica better known as Coach Moni and I've been coaching women for over 4 years now and have helped dozens of women not only lose fat and gain healthy weight, but enhance their overall mindsets and create a lifestyle that they love.

There's so much more to fitness and healthy living than working out and your eating habits. This is a mental game as well and through my program we'll focus on shifting your identity, changing your thought pattern and helping you grow into you full potential.

Before beginning my own fitness journey over 3 years ago, I found myself in a very unhappy place when it came to my physical appearance. 

I was sick and tired of hating the way I looked in clothing. Pudge here, thunder thighs there. I cringed at pictures I'd take with friends!

I wasn't as social as I really wanted to be because I continued to hide behind my insecurities as a woman. 

That's when I knew it was time for me to change my life once and for all.

No more start and stop, no more quitting on myself, I wanted better and I was going to have it!
Every change first begins in the MINDSET
Without the proper mentality one will fail to ever achieve their long term life goals whether it be health, fitness, career or relationship related. Women must first overcome the mental barriers that are holding them back from pursuing the next level and keeping them from becoming that new woman.
This is why we do our weekly round table call where we gather around via video and discuss celebrations and go over our mindset topic. This puts the ladies in a great state of mind entering the week so that we can conquer our goals & combat any issues that may come our way.
END the struggle of eating clean.

Face it, nutrition is probably the single most difficult part of transforming your body and health habits. Many women tell us that it's a hassle gathering the knowledge on what to eat, how much is too much and how often to eat throughout the day. Well worry no more. Our program details all of these elements. 

Are you ready to get your energy back?  Are you ready to fit into new clothing, show a little skin without feeling self conscious? It all starts here. We've got you!
Working out can be simple & enjoyable!
The F in fitness is for fun and that's exactly what our workouts are. With the home and gym workout guide, everything is tailored to your goals and spelled out in video format. We target the CORE, upper body and lower body to really get that bod back into shape. 

  • Hourglass Class $29/mo: LIVE Virtual Fitness Classes Monday/Wednesday 7pm CST
  • Level Up $49/mo:¬†Includes classes, FB community and meal guide
  • Masterclass $99/mo: Ultimate Package includes classes, equipment, coaching + more
Check out a few of the ladies that decided to take the leap of faith into their journey and the successes that they've seen! I hope to see you in the tribe!
Meet Miesha
With working full time, sometimes overtime hours and taking care of her daughter, Miesha dedicated herself to her new lifestyle by losing 25 pounds by her 30th birthday!
Meet Mona
Mona lost 20 lbs and 7 inches off of her waist while caring for her mother and several grandkids. She dropped all excuses because she was sick of being the "Big Girl" on her girl trips.
Meet Dominique
Dominique has lost over 20lbs, toned up and was even taken off of her blood pressure medication by her doctor! All while balancing the responsibilities of a wife and mother.
Meet Anjanette
Anjanette, a working mother of 4 children and wife was able to develop new lifestyle habits that created a healthier lifestyle allowing her to lose weight and relieve stress!
Most women on this page will click off...

They aren't truly ready to put in the work required to make a total mind, body and life transformation.

Spots do go fast and this round of ladies will fill up, so what's holding you back? 

What do you have to lose?
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